Weight Management

Finding the underlying causes of weight issues is the first step in solving unwanted weight gain. Factors such as poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, Insulin and Leptin Resistance, vitamin deficiency, cellular dysfunction, gut inflammation, food allergies, environmental toxins and prescription and nonprescription medications can lead to slow metabolism, always feeling hungry and having low energy and fatigue.

We over a variety of customizable, all natural medical weight loss programs, injections and supplements to kickstart your body’s ability to lose weight. Our programs include nutritional coaching, weekly weigh-ins and body measurements.

  • The HCG DIET


The HCG weight loss protocol is a rapid weight loss plan that consists of cutting your caloric intake down to 500 calories and injecting 150 to 200iu of HCG daily.

HCG is a natural hormone found in humans that tells the body to use fat for energy in a low caloric diet. The HCG is an important tool while on such a restricted diet as it enables your body to be able to function properly while eating on the restricted diet. Patients receive daily injections which they can do at home and instructions on what they are allowed to eat. The program last for 6 weeks and patients have seen a reduction of 15-30 pounds on this program.

INNOVA Medical & Spa Signature Weekly Weight Loss Program

The MIC Shot:

Methionine – an amino acid that supports the breakdown of fats within the liver, helps to lower cholesterol and fat build up in the circulatory system and fights fatigue

Inositol – a B Vitamin that supports the health of cells and nerves, metabolizes fats, reduces blood cholesterol and helps control mood and appetite

Choline – a nutrient that supports the liver in detoxification and it is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol

Phentermine: Appetite suppressant that affects neurotransmitters responsible for hunger responses in the brain, curbing appetite and boosting energy to aid you in becoming more active.

Leptin: Controls carbohydrate and sugar cravings